MyVegas Rewards: A way to earn free hotel stays, meals, and shows in Las Vegas and beyond! (And pros/cons)

We got this room at Sycuan Casino Resort for free using MyVegas Rewards!

Like most people, I’m always looking for bargains and deals when it comes to hotels.  Because of that, I usually search multiple websites like,,, as well as hotel chain websites like Choice Hotels, owners of hotels like Sleep Inn, Quality Inn, and Comfort Inn.

During my wife and myself’s 2 1/2 month long cross country trip going from North Carolina to California from November 2022 through February 2023, we really maximized our use of these resources to book our stays.  I found out through trial & error that when booking a Choice Hotels offerings for example, it is usually better to book directly through their website vs. booking through a third party travel site aforementioned.  

I also use multiple apps to save money on meals at places like Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, Subway, etc.  The main goal of using these apps is to earn loyalty points to score freebies like a discounted meal and/or free food.  I mean, why spend more when you can simply use these apps to accrue loyalty points for free stuff???

In my never ending quest for bargains & deals, I stumbled upon MyVegas Rewards.   MyVegas Rewards is a rewards/loyalty program owned by Playstudios that rewards players free or discounted hotel rooms, meals, & shows at various casino resorts like MGM Resorts, as well as other casino resorts throughout North America and beyond.  

Besides the casino resorts, well established companies like Holiday Inn, Hilton, and Norwegian Cruise Lines offer discounted and/or free stays.  There are other places to get freebies and/or discounts using MyVegas Rewards, including at, Gray Lines, Bowlero, etc. 

I literally stumbled upon this thing when I was researching for ways to save money during our cross country trip which would include multiple stops in Las Vegas.  Many bloggers and YouTubers were recommending this and my curiosity was piqued.  After learning bit by bit how this thing worked, I decided to jump in and see how it works.

Bottom line: this is a social casino slots program that allow you to accrue loyalty points (circled gold color with number 1,591,200 shown) by playing slots game using chips (circled next to “Buy” with number 63,185,971 shown), which you can then use to redeem freebies or discounts.  Basically the more you play, the faster you accrue loyalty points.  

You collect free chips and/or loyalty points every day when you open the app.  Anywhere where it says to “Collect” (for example, see bottom left), click it to get free chips.  You would wager a bet to play a game, then over time, you accrue loyalty points.  The longer you play, the more you get loyalty points.

Tip: You do not need to buy anything to play.  Just use the free chips to play.  If you run out of chips, just play the next day.  You can, however, buy more chips, but this is totally up to you…

You redeem freebies/discounts by redeeming via “My VIP Rewards” from the app (See Figure 1 below with a square box in the bottom center).

Home Screen of MyVegas slots app on an iPhone (Figure 1)

There are multiple platforms on which you can play slot games to accrue loyalty points:

  • Facebook:  If you have a Facebook account, you can play from there.  Search for “MyVegas”, then click “Play game”.  I don’t personally use Facebook, but I hear it’s one of the fastest ways to accrue chips and loyalty points.
One advantage of using Facebook:  you can get free chips and loyalty points from the community making it easier to earn faster.

One disadvantage of using Facebook:  you’ll be getting plenty of unwanted solicitations and friend requests from the community.  
  • MyVegas Slots app on either iOS or Android devices:  Go to App Store on an iOS device like iPhone/iPad then search “MyVegas slots”, or go to Google Play on a Google Android phone/tablet, then search for the same.  
This is the way I’m playing these games, as I don’t have a Facebook account.  So far, so good.  I’ve been able to earn, then redeem rewards by logging in using my Apple account.  

Select a game to play, then wager a bet (bottom center).  Use the plus or minus button to increase or decrease your wager.  Tip:  Use the auto spin feature at the bottom right so it spins automatically (hold where it says “Hold to Auto-Spin” at the bottom right for about a second or two).  

Actual game (Figure 2)

As you play a game, you’ll complete a task (see circled top left with 0% shown) which then increases your bank (see circled on right with 13% shown).  When the bank icon reaches 100%, you’ll be rewarded with chips for completing the tasks.  The more tasks you complete, the higher the levels (see below in squared red box with number 1 in it) are, equaling more chips.  

(Figure 3)

Advantages of using MyVegas slots:  Easy to use and understand, easy to get into “My VIP Rewards” (see above photo Figure 1, with a square box at the bottom center) to redeem stuff.  See below for example of companies that offer freebies/discounts.  

Some games (like Jolly Jackpot game in Figure 3 above) can be played automatically by letting it auto-spin.  This is perfect when you just want to accrue loyalty points and not have to look at the game all the time.  

Disadvantage of using MyVegas slots:  Chips can run out faster (at least in my case) vs apps like “Pop! Slots” or “MGM Slots”.  Be sure to pace yourself and not wager too high when playing.  

  • Other apps exist to maximize earning loyalty points:  These include “Pop! Slots”, “MGM Slots”, “myKonami Casino Slot”, “MyVegas Bingo”, and “MyVegas Blackjack”.
I currently use “Pop! Slots” and “MGM Slots” along with “MyVegas Slots”.  I dropped “myKonami” as I kept running out of chips after awhile.  Never tried “MyVegas Bingo” or “MyVegas Blackjack”.

Advantage of using these apps:  Can accrue loyalty points faster by playing other apps besides just “MyVegas slots”.  

Disadvantage of using these apps:  Unlike “MyVegas slots”, games are much more involved where you need to be present (not just to let it auto-spin) to play the games.  You’ll want to collect balloons which can be free chips or other goodies every few seconds, which means you’ll need to pop those balloons every time you see them to collect them.

MGM Slots

Pop! Slots

How to redeem freebies/discounts:

This is really the ultimate reason why you’re playing these games in the first place!  You want to get free hotel rooms, free meals, and/or free shows on your next vacation.  

During our recent cross country trip, we got the following freebies totaling over $500 in value:
  1. Two nights at Sycuan Casino Hotel (San Diego):  Valued at around $300 for two nights
  2. $15 free play at the slots at Sycuan:  $15 value
  3. Free appetizer at La Stalla, Beau Rivage (Biloxi, MS):  $16 value
  4. Free entree at Nine Fine Irishmen, New York New York (Las Vegas):  $25 value
  5. 2 for 1 brunch buffet at the Luxor (Las Vegas):  $35 value
  6. 2 for 1 brunch buffet at the Excalibur (Las Vegas) twice:  $31 x 2=$62 value
  7. $20 off at Diablo’s Cantina at the Luxor:  $20 value 
  8. $25 off at TAP Sports Bar at the Excalibur:  $25 value
  9. 2 for 1 lunch buffet at the MGM Grand (Las Vegas):  $30 value 
We could easily have used more rewards at different MGM Resorts hotels/casinos in Las Vegas, but after staying a total of 12 nights during the month of January in Las Vegas, we got enough of the city.  We needed a change of scenery, so we booked stays elsewhere, in between our stays in Las Vegas.  

Follow these steps to redeem rewards once you’ve accumulated enough loyalty points to get freebies!
  • From MyVegas Slots Home Screen, click “My VIP Rewards” (See Figure 1)
  • Select the company you wish to redeem from.  I’m picking Bellagio in this example. 
  • Browse the rewards you want to redeem.  

  • Click to reward you want to redeem.  In this example, I’m selecting a complimentary night stay at the Bellagio

  • Note a free night will cost 150,000 loyalty points.  Click through.  Be sure to read the blurb to make sure you understand the terms and conditions.  For example, this free night is only valid Sunday through Thursday but not on weekends or holidays.

  • Note whether the reward is a premium reward or not.  A total of 2 premium rewards can be redeemed at the same hotel within a month.  For non-premium rewards, you can redeem multiple times at the same hotel.  

  • Once you click “I have read and agree…” at the bottom, click the box to “Confirm for 150,000”.  You’ll receive an email similar to this one below (this is my email confirmation for the free 2 night stay at the Sycuan Casino Resort). 

  • Follow the instructions on the email to redeem your reward.  Some hotels like Sycuan, requires you to call to book, while others will provide a link to company’s website to book directly online.  
Important tip:  For most redemptions, you’ll need to physically go to the hotel’s rewards desk to open a loyalty/member card, if you don’t already have one.  Once you open an account, you’ll use this card to add freebies on to that account, like free hotel rooms, meals and free plays.

Ask someone at the hotel for the rewards desk.  For MGM Resorts, that would be the MGM Rewards desk located near the casino or inside the casino typically.  When redeeming freebies, let the clerk know you’d like to redeem MyVegas reward.  You’ll need to present your MGM Rewards card and your photo ID.

Once the clerk adds the rewards onto your card, you can then go to a buffet or a restaurant.  Be sure to let the cashier know you’d like to use MyVegas rewards for a 2 for 1 buffet.  If redeeming a meal at a restaurant, just notify your server that you’d like to use MyVegas rewards for a 2 for 1 entree for example.

It’s easy as that!  Now, go ahead and play, rack up those loyalty points, then redeem freebies!

In conclusion:

MyVegas Rewards is a great tool to save gobs of money on your next trip to Las Vegas.  It not only gives you free rooms at all the MGM Resorts hotels in Las Vegas, but it also gives you free rooms elsewhere, along with free play, free meals, and free shows. 

As in most things in life, nothing will ever be perfect.  It’s the same with MyVegas Rewards.  You’ll need to spend a decent amount of time to play through these games to accrue 100,000+ loyalty points.  In my case, it took me about a month to accrue over 100,000 points.  

Being retired early means I have all the time in the world, so the investment in time wasn’t much of an issue for me.  I didn’t mind spending roughly an hour, to an hour and a half, to get freebies which I used for good use during our trip.  You’ll need to figure out if spending about an hour every day is worth your time and effort…

If you do feel it’s worth your time, then you can theoretically save upwards of $1000 (and possibly more) on your next trip to Las Vegas.  Keep spinning and keep accruing loyalty points!  

Thank you for reading and keep up with us on our continuing journey across the American West!


Wandering Money Pig 

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