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Review of Shem Creek Park and Boardwalk in Mt Pleasant, SC: A perfect seaside destination near Charleston

  Shem Creek Park/Boardwalk, Mt Pleasant, SC By the third month of our pack’s (my wife, myself, and our Pomeranian) 3 months long stay in Murrells Inlet (South Carolina), we had visited just about every popular destination within a 3 hour driving distance.  In my search for another suitable place to visit, I had come upon Shem Creek Park and Shem Creek Boardwalk in Mt Pleasant. Shem Creek Park and Boardwalk is located in the town of Mt Pleasant, about 82 miles south of Murrells Inlet.  Shem Creek is a popular waterfront dining/drinking district, and features the aforementioned Shem Creek Park and Boardwalk.   After reading up on the area, we decided to do a takeout from one of many waterfront restaurants along the boardwalk.  One particular one, Vickery’s Bar & Grill , jumped out at me during my search due to its closest proximity to the boardwalk and a 4.2 star" Google rating. On a sunny morning, mid-February with temperatures expected around 68 degrees, we took off on a ne

The lesser known scenic parks near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: The unsung heroes of the park world…

  Heritage Shores Nature Preserve, SC My pack’s (my wife, myself, and our Pomeranian Toby) 3 months long stay in Murrells Inlet (South Carolina) was one of the best trips we had taken since our early retirement in August of 2020.  Myrtle Beach area, as well as destinations within a 3 hour driving distance from it, provided us with so many great memories. When we planned our trip to the Grand Strand area, we thought we were going to be visiting the beach and the ocean much more, like we had during our trips to Ocean City (Maryland) and to Atlantic Beach (North Carolina).  This didn’t quite turn out to be the case, as we only visited the beach/ocean on handful of occasions. The reason for this was because the area has so many well known destinations to explore.  As beautiful as the ocean is, we were more inspired to visit other places besides the ocean.  Places like Charleston , Congaree National Park , Swan Lake Iris Gardens , and various state parks really kept us busy for the entir