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Moving to North Carolina? Guide to obtaining a NC driver’s license, registering a vehicle, and getting auto insurance

  I’m a recent transplant from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.  In this post, I’d like to share with you my experiences obtaining a North Carolina driver’s license, registration, and vehicle insurance. I found North Carolina’s DMV website ( as the best source for information.  Please be advised North Carolina driver’s licenses are handled by the NC DMV office, while title / registration / license plates are handled by a license plate agency.  These are two separate entities.  License plate agencies will typically contract with NC DMV to offer these services. I highly recommend obtaining the North Carolina driver’s license first, then going to a license plate agency afterwards.  As you’ll see later, depending on whether you’re currently financing your car or leasing your car will determine how quickly you can get your registration done after getting your NC driver’s license. Obtaining a NC driver’s license Go to the ‘’ website ( and search ‘movin

Top 3 things to do in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland (View from the beach) Located just 9 miles south of Delaware, Ocean City, MD, is one of the most popular beach destinations on the east coast.  It is a barrier island nestled between the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and Isle of Wight / Assawoman Bay to the west. OCMD truly has something for everyone.  From world famous Boardwalk to miles of beach, you won’t be bored there.  I recently had a chance to spend some quality time there with my wife, and our Pomeranian.  We had a great time there! Without further ado, see my list of top 3 things to do in OCMD. The Beach!  This is most likely the reason why anyone would select a beach destination in the first place.  OCMD does not disappoint! Beach is approximately 10 miles long, so you won’t feel crowded.  Better yet, OCMD does a great job of maintaining the beach area.  You’ll see bulldozers working around the clock to give the beach a smooth look. Note the bulldozer in the middle of this photo doing maintenance Walk alon