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Review of Bellagio, Las Vegas: A classy Las Vegas hotel and our pros and cons

  Bellagio, Las Vegas Steve Wynn:  “Las Vegas is sort of like how God would do it if he had money.” My very first trip to the city of Las Vegas was in November 2001 for COMDEX (Computer Dealers Exhibition), an expo trade show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center .  The company I was working for at the time had rented a booth at the show, and they requested that I go to the trade show to represent the company. I had reserved a 5 night stay at Bally’s Hotel  on the Las Vegas Strip and I remember eating a hearty lunch at one of the hotel’s restaurants the first day.  I had a turkey burger for lunch, then checked in afterwards to see that my room had a gorgeous view of the Las Vegas Strip . Looking at the Strip with all those glittering neon lights, glitzy hotels, and the amped up Las Vegas Boulevard (aka the Strip), I was totally blown away.  It reminded me so much of New York City , the “ city that never sleeps ”, where I grew up. The city’s energy, vigor, and upscale hotels really

Zion National Park review: The most popular of the Utah Big 5 National Parks and our favorite national park!

  Zion National Park, Utah Helen Keller:  “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” My wife and myself’s first introduction to Zion National Park began in the year 2017 when we visited the city of Las Vegas during April of that year.  During that trip, we got a kick out of doing things other than just the usual activities in “ Sin City ”, like drinking, eating (too much), gambling, and/or watching live entertainment. We got to experience  natural wonders nearby like Mt. Charleston , Red Rock Canyon , and Valley of Fire all within our first three days.  Because our trip would be 5 nights/6 days, we still had another full day to explore somewhere amazing. To that end, we decided on visiting the always popular  Zion National Park in southwest Utah.  We had two good reasons why we chose this park that day:  1) it was under a 3 hour drive to Zion National Park from Las Vegas, and 2) we had always known of Zion from cable channels like the  National Geographic and the  Travel Chan