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Comparing yourself to others is the best way to be unhappy! A journey of FIRE (financial independence retire early) and journey of life…

  Watkins Glen State Park, NY Unknown:  “A cemetery is the only place where people don’t try to keep up with the Joneses.” Recently, my wife shared with me a video of a psychiatrist who was discussing the topic of happiness.  In the video, she was discussing all the ways one can try to be happy and all the ways one can try to be unhappy.  Out of all the good things she discussed, one of the statements that stuck with me was when she stated that comparing yourself to others is the worst enemy of happiness . That really got me thinking.   When I was a young teenager, like everyone in that age bracket, I lived to be like someone else.  I wanted to be like Michal Jordan, Bruce Lee , or any number of famous celebrities that were rich and famous.  This got me into learning Taekwondo to try to emulate Bruce Lee, and this got me copying basketballs moves ala Michael Jordan.   Although I didn’t become any one of my idols, I at least got to experience what it’s like to learn Taekwondo or play a

Fun things to do in Lake Wallenpaupack, PA: The 2nd largest lake contained entirely in the state of Pennsylvania!

  Lake Wallenpaupack, PA When our pack (my wife, myself, and our dog Toby) lived in the state of Pennsylvania from 2007 until we sold the place to retire early in August 2020, we visited quite a few places near and far from our home in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  We would take many day trips to explore the great outdoors, especially with our energetic Pomeranian dog Toby, nudging us to go walking on weekends. Thanks to our Toby, exploring new places were fun, and we owe him a great deal for making us embrace nature and all its incredible beauty.  We explored places like Ricketts Glen State Park, World’s End S.P., and Promised Land S.P. together, happily spending time walking/hiking/exploring some of the most beautiful parks in the state.   It was during one of our jaunts that we discovered Lake Wallenpaupack in the Pocono Mountains .  It was a place I had heard about from my work colleagues.  During the summers especially, Lake Wallenpaupack seemed to be a popular place for locals