Top things to do near Savannah: Fort Pulaski National Monument and Tybee Island Light Station & Museum

  Fort Pulaski National Monument, Savannah, Georgia  Two years ago, my wife and I went on a West Coast/Southwest/Central South cross country road trip.  On that trip, we visited incredible national parks, monuments, and landmarks.  It is without a doubt what makes America great. It is knowing that every American can enjoy them without needing to worry that someday they’ll be turned into condos, amusement parks, or retail establishments.  Don’t we already have too many of these??? We experienced so much of what it means to live in this great country that is the United States of America.  The places we visited were amazing, many of them otherworldly, and awe-inspiring to say the least.  Places like Zion National Park and Death Valley National Park will live in our memories forever… We really got into visiting these national treasures that particularly trip.  Whereas in the past we would’ve stopped for not more than 30 minutes to take some photos at observation decks/overlooks, on that tr

Top attractions in downtown Savannah, Georgia: So many things to do, so little time…

  Savannah downtown, Georgia  Frommer’s:  “If you have time to visit only one city in the Southeast, make it Savannah.   It’s that special.” The first time we considered visiting the city of Savannah (Georgia), it was because of a guidebook that my wife and I had purchased to aid in our quest for a cross country road trip back in 2003.  In that guidebook, it mentioned the city as the destination in the Southeast where many famous movies were filmed including “ Forrest Gump ” and “ Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil ”. That summer, we had completed a 3 week long trip going from New York City to Aspen (Colorado), visiting close to 30+ attractions spanning multiple cities and states.  We had so much fun that we decided to do another road trip before moving to Hawaii at the end of that same year.  I was also a movie buff back in those days, so it made sense to stop by to see the sights where those movies were filmed. We dedicated another 3 weeks in November to drive down to Florid