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Second year anniversary of our Pomeranian Toby’s passing: A journey of FIRE (financial independence retire early) and of life…

  Toby, our Pomeranian baby Anonymous:  “A companion is gone, but the memory lives on…” It is hard to fathom how fast time flies.  It has been over 2 years since we said our final goodbyes to our baby, our sweet, loyal Pomeranian Toby.  He was without a doubt, our absolute joy.   As my wife and I were traveling to the Great American Midwest state of Michigan during the month of March, I had almost forgotten the day our dog crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Had it not been my wife mentioning it, I may have missed it.   Humans, I think, are really selfish creatures.  We forget, both the good and the bad memories over time, and I think this was exactly what this particular selfish human was doing that day… I guess it’s good that we can move on from traumatic experiences over time, because otherwise, we will suffer for eternity thinking back and constantly rehashing those same experiences.  Why do we remember the bad memories so much better than good ones… Lucky for most of us, time does h

Review of Taughannock Falls State Park in the Finger Lakes Region of New York: The tallest waterfall in the state!

  Taughannock Falls State Park, NY During the month of October, my wife and I were very lucky to have stayed in the famous Pennsylvania Poconos region, thanks to a good friend of mine who agreed (again) to let us stay at his place.  We were really thankful and excited to be able to see incredible fall foliage that is the region’s calling card for generations of people. While we lived in the state of Pennsylvania, we made frequent trips to the above mentioned area with our trusted little furry creature, our Pomeranian Toby.  We would explore places like Jim Thorpe , hike the beautiful Pocono Environmental Education Center , and see the awesome Grey Towers .  We had so many great memories out there in the Poconos, our pack spending time together in the great outdoors. We still remember the happy smile of our dog as soon as he would get out of the car realizing he was in a new environment with all new smells, sights, and sounds.  He, just like myself, loved new environments, always lookin